first day of kindergarten

Today is Cate’s first day of school.  The rash she had yesterday was completely clear today, so we were good to go!

Cate's First Day of Kindergarten

This year Cate’s teacher is Mrs. Zulfiqar (Zul-fee-car). We really like her so far!

Mrs. Zulfiquar & Cate

My heart was bursting with joy and breaking apart with sadness as I dropped her off this morning.  I am going to miss having her with me all day. I couldn’t help but sneak a photo of her in her seat in class.

At Her Seat

Got to love her things hanging in her cubby.


I can’t wait for her to get home and tell me all about her day.

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One Response to first day of kindergarten

  1. Mom says:

    Cannot wait to hear about the day too! She looks like a Gap commercial -she is so cute!!

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