8 months old

8 Months Old

This month Blythe:

  • Returned to the country of her birth after spending nearly half her life away.  (How’s that for dramatic?)
  • Is crawling everywhere.  And she can find the smallest bit of anything to put in her mouth.
  • Is trying to put her fingers into sockets, chew on electrical cords, play with gadgets.  Babyproofing is a must.
  • Has started eating solid bits of food.  Broccoli, peas, peaches, pasta, Cheerios, etc.  She’s very enthusiastic about feeding herself!
  • Got to meet Uncle Ryan.
  • Is very comfortably in size 12-18 month clothes in most brands – big girl!
  • Wants so badly to keep up with her big sisters.  When they are running around, she tries as hard as she can to crawl over to them.
  • Does not like to be left alone in a room.  She wants me, specifically, to be where she can see me.
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2 Responses to 8 months old

  1. Catherine H. (Montreal, QC) says:

    She’s so cute 🙂 ! What a big little girl she’s becoming !

  2. Teri says:

    What a big girl!!! 🙂 She’s precious!

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