Dorothy Dress

In need of a Dorothy dress for Halloween?  Check out this shop on Etsy where I bought Cate’s.  The dress is really well made and so adorable on Cate.  She even included socks and hair bows, as well as a few Wizard of Oz-themed activities.  What a wonderful seller!

I truly can’t say enough good things about Ruth, the seller.  When the dress I ordered never arrived, she went well beyond the extra mile to make it up.

She also sells other Wizard of Oz costumes.  In fact, I’m going to order Meg’s Glinda dress from her as well.  Can you sense that we have a theme in the costumes this year?  So please, if you’re planning on a Dorothy, Tin Man, or Glinda for Halloween, skip the mass-produced junk, and order handmade from Ruth.

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6 Responses to dorothy

  1. Chris says:

    oh my goodness I love this picture!

  2. cassandrawebb says:

    Sneaky! I thought YOU made this dress 😉

  3. ericamcmillian says:

    With Chris being gone, I’m giving up on the making the costumes this year; it’s just too much to handle. I wish I’d been the one to make it, though.

  4. nana says:

    I think I will try to print this one and frame it. Its just a wonderful picture of our little “Dorothy.” Thanks. Can’t wait to see Meg.

  5. Catherine H.(Caitlin) says:

    Oh goodness, another Etsy post! I swear, you’ve gotten me addicted to that site! I think my wallet has taken quite a beating since your first post ;D But how can you resist something as adorable as this? Major kudos for showing me this site.

  6. ericamcmillian says:

    I’m glad I’ve turned you on to Etsy! There are so many neat things to discover, and it always makes me feel great to buy something handmade.

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