family togetherness

On Saturday, we had a rare opportunity to get all of my side of the family together.  My brother just got out of the Air Force, and is heading back to LSU.  We ate supper with my grandparents, and took the time to get a photo of all of us together. (Of course, I dyed my hair yesterday, so I don’t look like this anymore.)

Family Photo August 2010

Cate & Meg had such a good time visiting with my brother.  They had a lot of fun baking (and eating) cake,


playing in the rain, (yes, he’s very tall)

In the Rain

and just generally hanging out. (Meg & Ryan at my grandparents’ house. She counted 7 fingers on one hand. Hmm.)

Ryan & Meg

We sure will miss everyone, but I’m glad that we’ve gotten this time together.

Uncle & Nieces

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3 Responses to family togetherness

  1. Jenn says:

    What a great Uncle they have. The picture of all 4 of them is so priceless. So sweet. Uncles are the best!

  2. Karen McFadden says:

    These photos are beautiful. I am so glad that the girls are getting to know their Uncle Ryan better and glad that he is getting to spend time with them as well. It looks as though they have fallen in love with him very fast! Wonderful family photo. I wish we were there!

  3. Allison Fronistas says:

    These pics make me miss you guys so much and it made me think of the time we spent at your grandmas… I miss you!!!

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