fave kids’ books: Pinkalicious

This post is intended to be the first in a series about our favorite kids’ books (though I’ll probably add the tag to some older posts).  I always want to remember what we read to the girls when they were small.

For their birthdays, either Cate or Meg received the book Pinkalicious.

It’s about a girl who makes pink cupcakes with her mom on a rainy day; when she eats too many, she turns pink, much to her delight!  She doesn’t listen to her parents and has just one more pink cupcake and the results are disastrous!  Meg is in love with pink (as are most little girls) so this book is a lot of fun for her.

Today was a rainy day; Cate and Meg made cupcakes with my mom.   Pink, of course.  Some even got a cherry on top, just like the book.

Cherry Sweet

Stacks and stacks of pink cupcakes. (Though they only got one…that I know of.)

Stack of Cupcakes

The girls went to bed tonight expecting to have turned pink overnight.  I wonder how disappointed they’ll be?

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2 Responses to fave kids’ books: Pinkalicious

  1. nana says:

    Laughed out loud when I read this. Imagine going to sleep thinking you would wake up pink! Amazing “beauty treatment” indeed! Glad the book is such a hit! See you next week? xxoo

  2. Laura says:

    They are pink!!And beautiful.

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