Cate in the rain

There was a nice, soaking, thunder & lightning-free rainstorm while Meg was napping, so Cate got to play in the rain. She loves the puddles.

Puddle Sitting

She loves the mud puddles even more.

Puddle Feet

Even better than that was digging in the wet dirt with her hands.

Dirty Hands

She’s such a wonderful little girl. I love watching her play. She can be so serious, so it’s always nice to see her doing something completely against “the rules.”

In the Rain

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2 Responses to Cate in the rain

  1. Tyly says:

    You take the most beautiful photos. Your girls are going to be so lucky to have such an incredible collection of themselves when they get older! 🙂

  2. Jenn says:

    It’s nice to do something against the rules now and then. That’s the fun of being a kid after all. Great shots!

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