6 months

A little late, but oh well.  Here’s what’s gone on with Blythe the last month.  Blythe”

  • Now has her first two teeth!
  • Tried rice cereal for the first time near the end of the month.
  • Can inchworm along the floor – she wants so badly to crawl, and will work to get toward something on the floor near her.
  • Can say “mama” and “dada” as well as a few other sounds.
  • Is still waking up at night, usually twice.  I’d love to work on that, but since we’re sharing a room while we’re here, well…
  • Is very into hair pulling.  Guess how much Cate and Meg love that?
  • Puts everything into her mouth.  I mean everything.  If I hold her close to my face, she tries to figure out how to cram my cheek into her mouth.
  • Continues to be a mellow, happy baby.

6 Months Old

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One Response to 6 months

  1. nana says:

    just love this picture. she is sooo sweet. you forgot to say she can say nana too (smile)!

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