Pennsylvania family visit

A few weeks ago we had some of my mom’s side of the family come to visit.  I had intended to blog about it before I left for New Orleans, but that didn’t happen.  In lieu of that, I’m posting some pictures from the visit, perhaps more for my benefit.

Meg playing in the carport.  The light behind her on her hair was great – almost makes it look like a halo.


The light made the bubbles really beautiful as well.

Rainbow Bubbles

Blythe with my cousin, Sara.

Sara & Blythe

Cate and Gage, my cousin’s son, playing with the crawfish.

Crawfish Play

Some of the best crawfish I’ve ever eaten.


The best idea ever – a table that fit over a trash barrel with a hole in it to dump the crawfish. Genius.

Crawfish Table

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One Response to Pennsylvania family visit

  1. Anonymous says:

    awesome pics! You have such an eye for that. Have a great time in NOLA!

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