golden time

This past few weeks has felt like such a golden time for our family.  The weather has been nice (well, warm, even if it’s been rainy), and Chris has been home.  The bonus couple of weeks is great.  There were a few things we ran out of time to do, and we’re getting to tackle them now.

Chris gets to sleep in and I get to take an afternoon nap nearly every day.  The kids have been spending a lot of time playing outside, and we’ve been reading and relaxing.  It’s been so wonderful, that I’m doing my best to suppress the idea that we’re having this time because he’s going to be gone for 6 months.  Like Scarlett, “I can’t think about that right now.  If I do, I’ll go crazy.  I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

It works.

And by the way, how is she nearly old enough to start school?

Bubble Cate

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One Response to golden time

  1. Laura says:

    Because the days are long and the years are short.

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