Okuma mini vacation

We’re under a week until Chris is supposed to leave now.

Since Chris is taking this leave, we decided to take advantage of it and take a short vacation of sorts to a military “resort” here on the island.  We spent Monday and Tuesday night in a hotel room right on the beach.

It was so nice to get away and say “yes” to everything instead of “no” all the time.

“Mom, can we have popcorn?” (at 8 am)


“Can we watch a movie?”


“Can we eat Cookie Crisp for breakfast?”


“Can we play mini golf in the rain?”


Such a nice break from having to be the responsible parent all the time.

We did things like eat ice cream after supper each night.

Ice Cream After Dinner

Walked on the beach in the evening.

Evening Stormy Shore Cate & Meg

It was clouding up, and it made for a very dramatic scene.

Evening Stormy Shore

Lounged in bed.

C&C Relaxing

Though it’s probably not much of a novelty for Blythe to lie around a lot.


Went to the beach first thing in the morning.

Morning Shore

And played in the water.

Wave Coming

And ran from the waves.

Running From the Waves

It wasn’t exactly warm enough to be soaked by the icy water and play on the beach.

C-C-Cold C-C-Cate

But they enjoyed it.

North Beach Girls

Chris I and did not swim.  Here’s mostly the kind of thing we did.

Wet Feet

We even took  a peek at the second beach there.  The resort is on a thin peninsula, so there is a beach on each side.  This beach, while beautiful, had a lot more coral and would have required water shoes, which we didn’t have with us.

Chris & Blythe Beachside

We even wore swimsuits around the hotel room at breakfast time.

Cate, Blythe, & Meg

We plan on doing this again when Chris comes back.  I hope it feels just as magical next time.

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2 Responses to Okuma mini vacation

  1. Chelsey Moss says:

    Wow! It looks like ya’ll had a great time and your pictures were beautiful! By the way, I LOVE Blythe’s face in the last picture. That is hilarious!

  2. nana says:

    life is rich, my darling girl! your photos are (as always) wonderful! this looks like one of those times in your heart that you want to save in a bottle. makes the nana’s heart swell and a tear come to her eye. love and hugs to all of you!

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