Easter 2010

Easter was pretty low-key this year, but that was just right for us.

The girls sorted through their baskets and were utterly thrilled with each item.  Cate got a kiddie digital camera (she’s been asking for one for months) and Meg got a Barbie.  In fact, it’s the first Barbie to enter this household.  Cate’s never been interested, so we didn’t bother.  Meg is in love.  Even more exciting, it’s a mermaid Barbie; she named her princess.  Meg spent all of yesterday brushing her hair and taking the shoes on and off.

We ate our big Easter meal with the Woodruff’s – Jack, Woody, Sam, and Angie.  They’ve become like our Okinawa family.  It’s great having good friends living right next door.

The Woodruff's

We had sort of a pink theme going with our Easter clothing.  I was the only one that didn’t own a baby pink shirt, so a wrap had to suffice.

McMillian 5 Easter

Here are the “cousins” – Jack, Cate, Blythe, Samantha, and Meg. And, of course, Meg has “the smile.”

Okinawa "cousins"

A good trick I’ve found for my girls, at least, is that I’m much more likely to get them to take a “pretty” picture (aka somewhat normal faces) if I let them take a “crazy” photo next.  Here’s the kids’ funny face photo.

Funny Faces Photo

After the meal, it was nap time for (almost) all, so we saved the cake for later in the afternoon.  Easter is the only time I make carrot cake.  Who could resist a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting?  Especially when you only get it once a year.

Carrot Cake

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