Churaumi Aquarium

We’re down to about 2 weeks until Chris is gone, and he’s using up a lot of leave to be able to spend some time together.  Yesterday we went to Churaumi Aquarium.  We’ve only been once, shortly after we arrived, so we figured we were about due.

Here’s the view from the entrance of the park.  There’s a lot more to Ocean Expo Park than just the aquarium, but we haven’t really been interested in the other things so far.

Ocean Expo Park View

And what’s this?  Is it possible I’m out from behind the lens?

Erica, Cate, & Meg

Here is the view to the left when you actually arrive at the aquarium.  That’s the East China Sea.

Left View

Here’s the right view.  Isn’t is beautiful?

Right View

We didn’t think that Blythe would be aware of anything there, but she seemed really interested in the tanks.  I guess it’s lot of light and moving colors.  It was fascinating to watch her.

Blythe Watching Fish

Of course the girls loved watching the fish.


Meg has been pretending to be a kitty a lot lately.  “Titty” (that way Meg pronounces it) was really excited to go to the aquarium to eat all the fish.  She sat in front of several of the tanks pretending to eat.


I got a couple neat shots of some animals, like this octopus.


And like this garden eel.  I think he looks pissed off that I was taking his picture.

Garden Eels

The Kuroshio Sea tank is still really amazing.  I don’t think if I stayed there for a month straight I’d get sick of watching it.  At one point I had to nurse the baby, so I sat down in the back of the room in some of the stadium-style seating they have there and just watched the animals swim.

Main Tank

Next it was time for the dolphin show.  The girls both liked it, but Meg was over the moon.  (She quickly went from being a kitty to being a dolphin for the rest of the day.)  They screamed, laughed, and clapped, and gasped the whole show.

Meg @ Dolphin Show

Here are a few shots from the show.

Posing Dolphin

They can jump amazingly high!

Jumping High

One more.

Jumping Dolphins

It was time for lunch when the show was over, and we ate at a restaurant overlooking the East China Sea.

Cate @ Lunch

Even Blythe enjoyed lunch.

Blythe @ Lunch

After lunch we went through the aquarium once more and let the girls linger where they wanted to.  When we got out again, Chris could no longer resist the fresh, straight-from-the-coconut, coconut milk everyone was drinking.

Coconut Milk & Chris

A last little trip to the playground at the park, and we were gone.  Not before snapping a photo of the sign below.  I can only hope that the “American Dog” there in the top left corner of the picture is referring to a hot dog…

"American Dog"

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4 Responses to Churaumi Aquarium

  1. Carol says:

    You got some great pictures of this trip! The girls will love looking back on all of this.

  2. Carol says:

    Meg’s hair is adorable. Whatever you are doing is working!

  3. Aunt Karen says:

    Love the garden eels. Wish I had them in my garden. Wish I had a garden!

  4. Caitlin says:

    I;ve actually been reading you blog since like October when I found a picture of Cate under a Young Lady Gaga search on google and I have to say I love your photography. Your girls are just a-freaking-dorable. Best wishes to you and your family.

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