3 months old

Yesterday Blythe turned 3 months old.  Here she is this morning with her sisters:

3 Months Old, 3 Sisters

At 3 months old, Blythe is:

  • Very, very vocal.  She “talks” to us constantly.
  • Laughing!  She’s let out a couple really good sets of giggles recently.
  • Trying so hard to roll over.  She almost has it.  She gets more than 3/4 the way over from her back, but can’t get that last push to roll over her arm.
  • A little clingy.  She went on a nursing strike this last month, and though she didn’t want to eat, she’s been wanting to be held a lot.
  • Breaking out of the swaddle.  We’ve had to resort to leaving her arms out and are weaning her from the swaddle.  She has a hard time sleeping without it, hence the next bullet.
  • Waking up more at night.  This last week, she’s gone from waking once, maybe twice, to waking two or three times at night.  I think she might be hitting a growth spurt, because she’s been pretty hungry lately.  I hope so.  She’s always been a pretty good sleeper; I really hate for her to get worse as she gets older.
  • Sleeping in her own room at night.  She did so much better and seemed to be resting well in her own room until this nursing strike hit at least.  I think we all sleep better with her in her own room, though.  Chris and Blythe are noisy sleepers, and it was sometimes difficult for me to fall asleep with them in the same room.  I also think we would all stir one another when we were in the same room.  No more.
  • Very patient when her sisters poke and kiss on her.  They love her so much, and hardly ever give her any personal space.  She manages pretty well.
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2 Responses to 3 months old

  1. Catherine says:

    How cute is Blythe ! She’s much more darker than her blonde sisters 😉

    It’s so interesting to see how different they are yet so alike !

  2. Carol says:

    I love this picture of the girls! They are beautiful.

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