girls’ rooms

I thought I’d post a few pictures of the girls’ rooms.  They’re far from how I’d like them to look, but I think they’re nice nonetheless.  I wish I could do more with Cate & Meg’s room, but it’s pretty small, and we keep all their toys in their room, so there aren’t a lot of options.

Here’s the view from their door.  The dresser is right as you walk in.  Yes, it’s the best option I could figure.

Cate & Meg Room Door View

The bunk beds aren’t what I’d really like for their room, but I consider that set of bunk beds temporary.  When we move back to the States and have more choices, we’ll buy them something we actually like.  I should have gotten a more clear picture of the bedding, but it’s this collection from Target.  When buying them new bedding for their room here, Cate insisted on blue.  I couldn’t sway her, so I found something as girly as possible.  The sheets that go with it are light pink with pink flowers on it, so Meg (who wants everything pink) is happy as well.

Cate & Meg Room Bed

This is the corner where their bigger toys are kept.  Beautiful, huh?  (That was sarcasm, folks.)

Cate & Meg Room Toy Corner

I’m very satisfied with Blythe’s room so far.  Here is the view from her door.  The rocking chair in the corner is actually light purple velvet.  My parents bought it for us before Cate was born (she had a purple room) and we worked purple into Meg’s nursery so it would coordinate.  This time I covered it with an old white bedspread and tucked it in all around so it looks slip covered.

Blythe Room Door View

I don’t have all the pictures hung that I would like to hang yet, but it’s a work in progress.  The numbers picture above her changing table is on loan from my Aunt Laura.  My mom made it for her girls’ room.  She was kind enough to bring it to me for Meg’s room when she was a baby, and now it’s in Blythe’s room.

Blythe Room Changing Table

Blythe’s bedding also comes from Target.  Gotta love Target.  I wasn’t going to buy new bedding for Blythe, but my mom did, and I’m so appreciative.  I love the way it looks. My mom made the pictures that hang above her crib. They were originally for Cate’s room, but there really isn’t any room on the walls here, and they work much better in the baby’s room now.

Blythe Room Crib

If you want to see how the bedrooms have evolved, check out these old posts.

Meg’s room

Cate’s room

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3 Responses to girls’ rooms

  1. Sara says:

    LOVE their rooms! Ok, this is going to be the dumbest question ever, but are the two trash cans what I think they’re for? I’m still using the changing table on the pac n play and I am SICK OF IT, but Benji squirms so much. I’m just trying to figure out what to do with the…byproducts to cut down on…odor…

  2. ericamcmillian says:

    The bigger trash can is for cloth diapers, and the smaller for disposable diapers and all other trash. I don’t really think diaper pails work. The only thing that works is to take it outside! Small trash cans help force my hand in this matter.

  3. Jenn says:

    Cute cute! You did a great job with the space you were given 🙂 The hot pink is hotness too. I love it. Man you make me wanna have a little girl like yesterday!

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