4 of 5 of us all got haircuts this weekend.  The big deal, however, is that Meg got her very first haircut on Friday.  It was more of a trim, really, but it’s all she needed.

The back of her hair is a bit straighter and longer than the rest of her hair.  I’d been contemplating trimming it myself, but ultimately decided against it.  I was afraid that she’d get the idea to cut her hair herself if she ran across a pair of scissors, so we went to a professional setting to help distinguish it in her mind.

Here she is before:

Pre Cut

And here she is after:

Meg's Haircut

Her hair is still a bit wet in this photo, but you can see that the back is even, so it looks more like a bob.  She suddenly looks so much older to me.  We also found some product for her hair, so she’s had a whole weekend of good hair days and gotten a lot of compliments.  I’m so glad to have a handle on managing her hair!  It’s so beautiful, and I want her to love her curls as she gets older, not curse them.

And here’s my new haircut:

New 'do

The stylist probably removed 50% of the hair that was on my head through cutting and thinning.  It feels so much better, and I feel so much less frumpy.  Now just to drop some more of the weight…

At any rate, we’re all looking better around here.  (Or a little less hairy anyway.)

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2 Responses to haircuts

  1. Carol says:

    Love the haircut – good choice. Maybe you can help me figure out something for mine.

  2. Erica says:

    LOVE the haircut Erica. Soooo cute!

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