Do you know who mimal is?

My 3rd grade teacher showed him to me, and I’ve not been able to look at a US map without seeing him since.  I wish she hadn’t done that.

Just a little of bit of my weirdness for you.

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2 Responses to mimal

  1. Jamie says:

    WOW! I never heard of that or saw that before! Took awhile for me to see the elf there but then I got it…that’s cool! Your craft above is really cool too! You are so creative!

  2. ericamcmillian says:


    Mimal is one of those things that once you see, you can’t un-see. I hope I didn’t ruin the US map for you.

    And just so you know, I’m not very creative – the internet is! I just scout around for crafts and copy them. One of my favorite sites is The Crafty Crow. Not sure the address, but Google it and it’s the first thing that pops up.

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