2 months old

Blythe turned 2 months old yesterday.

This month has seemed to be all about waking up and getting social.  She spends a lot more time awake during the day and seems to falling into a more regular sleeping/eating pattern.  I plan to take advantage of that and try to get her naps and feedings into a routine.  It always makes the day so much easier when I have an idea at what time she’s going to need something.

Though she’s been spending a lot more time awake, she’s hardly been fussy.  She’s just about the happiest baby I’ve ever seen.  Up to this point, I don’t think I really know what her cry sounds like.  Even when she needs something, she doesn’t cry as much as grunt or fuss to get our attention.

Blythe is really smiling.  She’s so happy to see any one of us.  She’s also starting to laugh a little bit.  She hasn’t gotten a full-fledged giggle out yet, but she’s working on it.

She’s also become really vocal this past month.  When you speak to her, she’ll coo back to you.  I love having conversations with her, and I think she enjoys it too.

Blythe also had her 2 month checkup yesterday.  Here are the stats:

  • 97th percentile head – looks like we’ve got another one like Cate!
  • 12 lbs 10 oz (90th percentile for weight)
  • 24.5 inches long (97th percentile for height)

Though she’s big, she seems to be big all around, not just in weight.  Everyone who sees her seems to think she’s older than she is because she’s so big and has all that hair.  I still find it hard to believe by looking at her that she’s only 2 months.

The baby also had her shots yesterday.  Apparently to Cate it’s just as scary when Blythe has to have immunizations and it is when she has to do them herself.  She flipped out at the clinic as was screaming and crying, cowering and shaking against the wall when she saw the syringes and when Blythe started crying.  Blythe calmed down in less than a minute.  It took Cate much longer to relax again.  Poor nervous Cate.

I’ve always said that I don’t really like newborn babies, but I think Blythe just may have changed my mind on this matter.  I’d always considered newborn care a labor of love, but this time around I’m really enjoying it.  She’s so easy to care for!  Can she stay this way forever please?

2 Months Old

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