breakfast help

I’m at a loss here.

Cate and Meg have pretty much entirely given up eating their breakfast.  They barely pick at it, and then are hungry and grumpy until snack time or lunch.  I’ve give them eggs and toast.  They don’t eat it.  I give them oatmeal.  They don’t eat it.  I give them cereal.  They don’t eat it.  I give them pancakes, waffles, cream of wheat, yogurt, fruit.  They don’t eat it.  I’ve run out of new ideas for things to feed them.

Anyone have any suggestions for what I can do to get them to eat breakfast?  I know they’re hungry.  Or is it one of those, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” kind of things?  I’m sick of taking my time every morning to cook only to have the food untouched.  It’s such a waste of time and food!

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3 Responses to breakfast help

  1. Erica says:

    Homemade French Toast? Toss on a little powdered sugar and syrup!

    Breakfast lunchable – boiled eggs, cut up ham and cheese

    Nutrigrain Bars (if they are available there)

    Breakfast smoothie?

    Since they are not eating their food – whatever it is, have you tried offering them a mid-morning breakfast snack instead? How long are you waiting until you feed them now? Their hunger may slack off the longer they are awake. I tend to do that. If I miss breakfast, I will eventually not be hungry until lunch. But, I know kids don’t function like that most often.

    My girls have always been BIG breakfast eaters. They want to eat breakfast within the first 10 minutes of waking up.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Teri says:

    granola bars? string cheese? crackers/animal crackers?

  3. Sara says:

    Benji is not a big breakfast person, and some days he won’t eat more than one bite. I just feed him a mid-morning snack, and then push his lunch a bit later. I’m always SO concerned that I’m not feeding him correctly, or the right amount, or the right foods.

    Maybe they’re just not breakfast people. David hates eating in the morning, and I think Benji is going to be that way.

    Is it the actual food? Would they eat a sandwich or a non-breakfast food?

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