whale watching

I could also call this post “the most terrifying trip ever for Cate & Meg”.  They did not have a good time, though they were excited by the idea of it, both before and after the trip.

So, we decided to all go on a whale watching trip on Monday since Chris had the day off.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but never actually thought I’d have the opportunity to do.  We drove down to the port, got on the boat, got settled in, and then it seemed to all go downhill from there.

The boat started, and the sea was a little choppy, and both Cate and Meg were scared.  Every time the boat would bounce or rock, they’d start screaming.  They must’ve said a thousand times that they just wanted to go home.  It was almost a bit comical, but I couldn’t really laugh because I knew how scared they actually were.  Then again Cate is scared of everything, so perhaps it was no different than any other fright to her.

Here’s how Meg spent just about the whole trip:

Scared Babies

Whichever one of us was taking a turn sitting with the girls had all of them glued to us.  Blythe slept in her car seat the whole time.  No surprise there.

In the photo below, you can see some of the seasick people.  Seasickness struck nearly everyone.  Not everyone vomited, but there were a lot of green faces, and a lot people stretched out on the floor trying to keep it together.


Thankfully we all took medication before we got on the boat, so we escaped it, except for Chris who felt a bit queasy only right before we headed back.

One poor guy sitting across from us was throwing up over the side of the boat quite often.  Chris decided to take a picture of him.  I fussed at him for being so insensitive, at which point he started to laugh hard.  When I looked away from the man he was taking a picture of to fuss, the tour guide quietly posed behind the guy in the picture.  I guess Chris wasn’t the only insensitive one on the boat. (I do have to admit that it’s pretty funny.)


We got to see quite a few whales.  None of them showed its full body, but we saw lots of misting, humps, fins, and tails.  Pretty cool.  A few even got really close to the boat.

Whale Hump

I’d like to go again sometime, but this trip definitely taught me that Chris and I should go without the kids, and to take motion sickness medication.

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