Sesame Street Live

A few weeks ago, they had a free Sesame Street Live show here at the base theater.  Chris went to go get in line a few hours ahead of the time that the doors opened (it was first come, first served seating) and thank goodness he did!  Check out the line.

The Line

Keep in mind that this was only part of it.  We were a good ways back, and at the end of what you can see here, it wrapped around the back of the theater.

The girls and I joined Chris a few minutes before the doors opened.  Here’s how Cate dressed herself to go.

Princess Cate

Yes, she wore the crown.  It’s been a favorite accessory while out and about these days.

Here’s how Blythe spent nearly the entire time.  She’s been such an easygoing baby.  I think in this picture I’m reacting to something Cate was doing.  I’m sure they were being meddlesome.

Blythe in Sling

They opened the doors 30 minutes before the show started, and they gave a toy to each of the children.  I can’t tell you how thankful I was for that toy, because it seemed every child in the place was kept quiet and occupied while waiting for the show.  Cate and Meg loved playing with it, and still do for that matter. You can see Chris reading his Kindle in the second photo. He never goes anywhere without it. I’m not exaggerating. It goes everywhere.

Meg & Toy

New Toy

Once the performance started, the girls were just mesmerized.  They screamed with delight each time one of their favorite characters came onto stage the first time.  The rest of the time was spent intently focused.


The show was really great.  It’s a special one they put together just for military families.  It’s focused around deployments and how to handle them.  Between watching the girls’ excitement and the subject matter, I became overwhelmed and started crying.  I felt like an idiot crying in the middle of the theater during a happy family show, but there was no helping it.  Thankfully, I got over it in a few minutes, and we were all able to enjoy the rest.

Thanks, Sesame Street.  We had a great time.

Sesame Steet Live

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