scary tooth fairy?

My anxious Cate has recently happened upon the information that her teeth will fall out.  And that someone will come into her bedroom while she’s sleeping and take them.

Poor thing.

She’s convinced that they’re all going to fall out at the same time, and that she’ll be like a baby.  She’s really not keen on the Tooth Fairy taking her teeth once they fall out, either.  I explained that the Tooth Fairy will leave money for her in place of her tooth; she explained that she doesn’t want the money – she just wants to keep her teeth.

I don’t know where all this anxiety of hers comes from, but I wish I could figure out a better way to help her through it.

As sad as it makes me to see her get upset about this, I have to laugh at her a little.  It never would have occurred to me that the Tooth Fairy was such a frightening concept.

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4 Responses to scary tooth fairy?

  1. Cassandra says:

    Poor baby! Perhaps you could ease her worries by making a Tooth Fairy Pillow. Have you heard of those? They are darling! It would be a super easy sewing project for you.

    I saw some at a craft fair that were so cute I wanted to buy one for myself. The vendor used a tooth-shaped pillow (or formed a pillow into that shape), covered it with really cute, high-quality fabric, sewed a pocket on the front – for the teeth, of course – and inside the pocket was a Ziploc baggy full of “pixie dust” (silver glitter) that the tooth fairy sprinkles around the bed/pillow as proof she was there 😉

    I tried googling some as an example, but couldn’t find any really cute ones like I saw at the craft fair. You’re an amazing seamstress, so I’m sure you could just wing it!

  2. Amy Waters says:

    did you explain that her baby teeth would fall out but she would get big girl teeth in their place? also, there is an episode of Super Why (on PBS) about the tooth fairy and the boy left a note with his tooth saying he wanted to keep his tooth and the TF let him. maybe if you can find that episode for her to watch it’ll help.

  3. ericamcmillian says:


    Yes, I’ve explained it all, repeatedly.

    It’s that episode of SuperWhy that has set all this anxiety off. She loves the show, but I guess she just can’t wrap her head around this one.

  4. Chelsey says:

    I thought of both of you this morning while at school! We had the Tooth Fairy come as a guest speaker and speak to the kids for Dental awareness month! It was really cute because she came in and was wearing this pink princess ballgown, wings, and was carrying a tooth brush as big as she was! When she left, she had glitter and sprinkled some “tooth fairy dust” on their heads!

    Maybe if Cate thought of her like that it wouldn’t be so scary! 🙂

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