We moved to a new house on Wednesday and am I ever exhausted!  It’s the third time we’ve moved in the last 19 months.  I’m kind of over it.

Also, I’ve had to do most of this move myself.  Chris is really busy at work and was not able to take off of work on moving day until 1:00 in the afternoon.  I’ve been doing all the unpacking during the day.  He’s been great about helping when he gets home, it’s just tiring to be doing so much of the work solo while trying to keep the kids entertained.  I feel they’ve been a bit neglected these last few days.  Thank goodness we have the electric babysitter (aka TV) to keep them entertained.  (I know, I’m terrible.)

In a way it was good to move with Blythe so young, because she’s still sleeping most of the day.  It allows me to get things unpacked a bit more easily.  The problem with moving with a newborn is that she hit her 3-week growth spurt hard yesterday and spent half the day nursing.  I was not able to get much done when she wanted to eat every hour.

Thank goodness it’s now the weekend and Chris is home to help out.  Now we just have to get the old house cleared out and cleaned up.

We’re supposed to be in this house for 2 1/2 years, and if that happens, it’ll be the longest I’ve ever lived in a house my entire life.  The only place city I’ve ever lived longer than 2 years is Baton Rouge, but even then, I was in college for most of it, and so I moved around a lot.  I’m a bit excited at the prospect of being a bit more settled for a long stretch once Chris returns from his deployment.

Off to go do some more work.

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One Response to whew

  1. Sara says:

    I can’t even imagine moving with a newborn, not to mention two other kids. We would be using the tv a lot too! Even now, I’m a bad mom, and I let him watch Sesame Street during snacktime sometimes.

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