Blythe’s first Hamaya Soba lunch

We ate lunch at the seawall with Blythe for the first time today.  She was awesome; she slept through the whole lunch.  We also took her out to supper last night (after I found bugs in the spaghetti when I dumped it into the boiling water) and she slept then as well.  It seems a little strange when the baby is the easiest one to deal with.  I’m sure it will change in time, but I sure am enjoying all this sleeping she’s doing.

Blythe @ Hamaya Soba

After lunch, we took our customary look at the ocean. We always enjoy seeing how high or low the tide is, and if there are waves or not. I love it when the waves are really kicking. It’s so beautiful to watch. We didn’t spend long today because we had another errand to run, but I sure enjoyed being there with our whole family for the first time. Things feel so right now that Blythe has joined us.

3 Girls @ the Seawall

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