Meg from the dining room – “Mom, I put a hat on baby Blythe”

Behatted Blythe

Better than the raisin she put in her mouth earlier today, I say.

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3 Responses to behatted

  1. Carol says:

    She has really long fingers. Maybe she is an artist like her Aunt Lauren.

  2. nana says:

    this picture is just sooo cute i can hardly stand it. meg is just a little wardrobe mistress it seems. i just want to get my hands on her!!!

  3. nana says:

    those long fingers are a very strong family trait in my family. skipped patrick (aka chris) who got his mom’s hands but are very prominent in the mcmillian clan. i always look for them but was kind of surprised somehow to see them pop up in this generation. genes are amazing though! of course, i just am thrilled to see them. actually, everything about blythe thrills her nana.

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