Christmas wrap up

Christmas here was pretty low-key, which was just what we needed.

We ate lunch on Christmas Eve at our favorite soba shop, and while sitting by the ocean we saw Santa scuba diving.  Of course my camera was at home in my hospital bag, so I didn’t get a picture.  It sure makes you feel like you’re on a tropical island when even Santa takes time on Christmas Eve to go diving!

On Christmas Eve, the girls were asking to go see a movie, so Chris decided to go off with the girls to a 3 o’clock showing of The Princess and the Frog while I made supper.  We planned on a pot roast since it wouldn’t take much work and I’m feeling very pregnant.  I’d just gotten the roast in the oven when Chris called to tell me that the start time had been pushed back to 4 o’clock instead, so I decided to join them!  It was Meg’s first movie, and our first family movie.  It seems that Meg actually did a better job of sitting through than Cate, who said she wanted to go home just as soon as it began.

When the movie let out, I decided to drive the girls home and let Chris rush ahead in his car (we’d driven separately since I wasn’t originally going to go) to get the potatoes boiling.  Turns out he left me without car keys, and I didn’t have my cell phone.  Crap.  I was able to find someone to let me use their phone pretty quickly, and miraculously remembered his number and he was able to turn around before he’d gotten too far.  Dinner was late (7:00!  We normally eat at 5:30), but it turned out alright since they’d filled up on popcorn in the theater.  We got the kids bathed and in their new Christmas PJ’s and then left a snack for Santa.  They insisted this year that Santa prefers chocolate milk, so that’s what he got.

Treats for Santa

We woke up to the sounds of the girls at about 5:45 on Christmas morning.  They were using the bathroom, as they do every morning, and Meg went downstairs to go get a diaper for Cate to put on her (she insists on Cate doing it, and Cate is more than willing to help).

When we didn’t hear Meg return immediately, we got up and took Cate downstairs with us to find Meg completely naked in front of the tree dancing and singing about Santa bringing presents.  Priceless.

Presents were opened in about 20 minutes and we spent the rest of the day watching movies, napping, and playing with our new treasures.  I woke up feeling a bit sick so Chris insisted I lay down not once for a nap, but twice!  Oh how much I love him!

Supper certainly wasn’t a traditional holiday meal, but when we were planning, we didn’t know if I’d still be pregnant, in the hospital, or newly postpartum, so we planned a meal that Chris could easily do single-handedly if need be.  The menu?  BBQ.

  • Hickory smoked ribs
  • Baked beans
  • Corn on the cob
  • Cornbread muffins
  • Hot fudge sundae cake w/ vanilla ice cream

Like I said, not traditional, but certainly delicious.

During dinner Cate proclaimed, “It’s time to get out of Mom’s belly.  I’m sorry, baby, but those are the rules.”  I nearly fell out laughing.  I must give her the “I’m sorry, but those are the rules” line more often than I realize.  Meg jumped on the “come on out, sister” bandwagon telling her that she’d “missed Christmas!  Oh no!”

Now that Christmas is over, I’m with Cate and Meg.  It’s time for the baby to come out.  I have this feeling, though, that I’m not going to go into labor on my own; that they’ll want to induce because I’m overdue before she’s ready to come out.  Perhaps that’s just my pessimist self, but we’ll see.  I can’t imagine being any more pregnant, any bigger, or any more swollen.  I’m crying “uncle” but this baby doesn’t seem to care.

This Christmas has been one I really want to treasure forever.  I hope yours was equally as nice.

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One Response to Christmas wrap up

  1. Dawn Hudson says:

    I have been waiting ever so patiently for a baby post and thought I was going to get it today but no baby yet huh? I thought when you hadn’t in awhile that that meant it was baby time. Sorry you are still preggos and baby will have to wait a whole year to see Christmas lights.

    Merry Christmas Erica I hope you and your family had a good one.

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