coral collecting at Torii Beach

Last Sunday the weather was beautiful, so we decided to collect coral at Torii Beach.  I have an idea to make some ornaments for the tree out of the pieces we picked up, but it looks like it’s not going to get done this year.

It was actually warm enough that we could have gone swimming if we’d wanted to (and had realized how warm it actually was), but as you can see, both girls are wearing tights anyway.  They love to wear dresses and tights, and it’s a huge fight to get them into anything else.

Collecting Coral

Chris and I picked up interesting pieces of coral and shells, while the girls mostly picked up things to throw into the water. Meg has a pretty good natural throw. Future athlete?

Throwing Coral

They did sit still long enough for me to take a few pictures as well.

The Girls

My Three

There is a playground at the beach, too, so they got to play while I took a rest from walking and bending.  This has got to be one of my favorite pictures ever taken of Cate.  It looks so much like her, and so happy.

Catherine on the Swing

One last note – the dress Cate is wearing above is her FAVORITE dress.  As soon as it’s out of the wash, it’s back on her body.  I think half of the pictures I have of her from the last month have been in this dress.  I had the same situation during the summer with a certain, and boy did she pitch a fit when I put it away because it was too cool for a sleeveless dress!

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2 Responses to coral collecting at Torii Beach

  1. Tyly says:

    As always, they are sooo beautiful.

  2. Jenn says:

    Your girls are so BEAUTIFUL! And photogenic too!

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