Sunabe seawall

After the Santa breakfast on Saturday, we decided to head down to the seawall to grab lunch at what has quickly become one of our favorite places to eat, Hamaya Soba.

Hamaya Soba

We’ve all fallen in love with the style of soba that’s served around here.  The description I linked to might not sound delicious…but it is.  I can’t get enough, and it’s so cheap!  Even better than that, the girls chow down.  So many places we go, they just pick at the food.  When we get soba, they eat like they’re never going to eat again.

The girls were still done up with their faces painted and Christmas gear on, so we got a lot of looks and smiles while we were there.  Of course I’m biased, but they are awful cute.

Meg @ Hamaya Soba

Outside the restaurant, they have one of those “put your face in the picture” spots.  The girls insisted on me taking their photo with their faces in it.  I swear I didn’t ask them to do this!

Hamaya Soba Girls

After lunch, we walked around at the seawall and went down by the water a bit to look at coral, shells, and other bits and pieces that wash up.

Chris at the Seawall


I love watching the planes coming in for a landing over the water.

Plane Over Ocean

I also took a few cute photos of the girls are Chris sitting on the seawall, only to notice when we got home that we had to pick the ONE spot in a foreign country where an English curse word was visible in between Chris’ legs.  They don’t even use the same alphabet system, but yet there the”f” word was!  The seawall is covered in all sorts of interesting graffiti, as you can see a bit of here.


I’m really going to miss our lunches at the seawall when we leave here.

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2 Responses to Sunabe seawall

  1. Amy Waters says:

    are ya’ll leaving sometime soon? or do you just mean whenever the next move is

  2. ericamcmillian says:

    I just mean when we leave here. We’re not planning on moving for the next 2 1/2 years, but with the military I guess you never know for sure!

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