breakfast with Santa

I’m going to make an effort to get a bit caught up here, so these next few posts will probably leave out a lot of the detail I’d really like to remember.

This past Saturday, we took the girls to a “Breakfast with Santa” at Chris’ work.  They had a pancake breakfast, some games and crafts for the kids, and, of course, Santa made an appearance.

The tables were covered with paper and they had crayons out for the kids to color with.  We’ve known that Cate can write her own name, but we didn’t realize that she knew how to write any other words.  I suppose we should have since she knows how to spell several words.  Here are a few of the things she wrote for us:

"Cate" & "Dad"

"Meg" & "Mom"

The girls were very excited to have their faces painted.  I don’t think they’ve ever actually done that before, but I think it’s going to be a “must” when we’re someplace it’s offered from here on out.  They begged us to leave it on even when they went to bed.  Meg sat perfectly still and focused while they worked on her.

Meg Face Painting

Here are the results.  I had the girls each get a candy cane because I figured it would be quick and easy.

Meg's Candy Cane

Cate's Candy Cane

Meg was really looking forward to seeing Santa…until he came into the room.  She waved to him when he was far off, but as soon as he came close, she clung to us as if her life depended on it.  She didn’t let go until we were safely out of the building.  So, no Santa photo for Meg this year, but oh well.

Scared of Santa

Cate became very shy when it came time for her to see Santa.  She did manage to tell him what she’d like and pose for a photo, but there was no smiling.  You’ll just have to take my word for it that she was excited.

Cate & Santa 2009

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One Response to breakfast with Santa

  1. Erica says:

    Erica, those pictures are precious!

    Now… where are the pictures of you?! At 9 mos pregnant, I think a photo is customary!

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