Since we decorated the tree on Saturday, the girls have been doing a pretty good job keeping their hands off it.  Yes, they take some ornaments off sometimes, but it hasn’t been anything major.  They’ve even been leaving the candy canes on the tree alone…until today.

Here’s what I found on the tree this morning:


What I really want to know is if they ate the plastic as well, or if they peeled it off before they chewed on it.  How funny that they left it on the tree instead of taking the whole thing and eating it.  Perhaps they thought I wouldn’t notice if they nibbled just a bit off the end?

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3 Responses to half-eaten

  1. Tyly says:

    That is hilarious!

  2. Jenn says:

    Oh how funny! I love it. And yes I bet they thought they were clever leaving the remnants behind. Too cute 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    You do know they get that from their father!!

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