LSU sweet potato casserole

It’s always so different trying to cook in another country.  Even the commissary doesn’t always carry the ingredients I’m used to, so I’ve had to adapt my cooking quite a bit since arriving.  Thanksgiving is proving to be no different.

I haven’t been able to find regular sweet potatoes here, and I don’t want to use canned for Thanksgiving, so I decided to turn to the native purple Okinawa sweet potato.

Baked Okinawa Sweet Potatoes

It doesn’t exactly look like normal, so we’ve decided that it’s LSU Sweet Potato Casserole.  The topping will go on tomorrow just before I bake it, but here it is so far in all it’s purple glory.

LSU Sweet Potato Casserole

I think the texture is going to be a little different, but the taste seems like it might be right.

Things don’t always turn out as we plan, but most of the time it makes it more memorable, right?

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One Response to LSU sweet potato casserole

  1. Cassandra says:

    Wow. Those are purple! Geaux Tigers?!? 😉

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