the point

It’s official – I’ve hit “the point” in my pregnancy.

The point where I can’t bend over.

The point where I can no longer roll over in bed.

The point where I can’t find a comfortable position to sleep.

The point where the baby’s kicking starts to hurt (or at least makes me jump in surprise sometimes.)

I’m thankful that I’m not feeling extremely uncomfortable…yet.  I think having a winter baby is making all the difference in that one.  Instead of the hottest time of the year coming on, it’s starting to cool off.  I’m not miserably hot; I can actually bear to go outside.  I’m also thankful that I’m not doing that “pregnancy waddle” yet.

But it’s true, I’ve reached the point where I truly feel pregnant.  I had to have Chris help me pick up things from the floor because I just couldn’t reach it.


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2 Responses to the point

  1. Jenn says:

    Awww you are so cute. I want to see pics of you now! I will have to keep this in mind in trying to get preggers!

  2. Sara says:

    Oh, the memories. I remember changing sleeping sides in bed was an ordeal at the end. And yes, post some pictures!

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