only in dreams

Do you have any recurrent dreams?  I woke up this morning at 4:45 thanks to one I’ve been having recently.

I’ve been having different versions of this same dream for a long time now.  While it’s not so scary to me as it used to be, it is still difficult to get bak to sleep after it.  In my dream, one of the girls is hurt, and I’m riddled with confusion and indecision.

In the dream I had last night we were ate a Christmas party.  Cate was wearing this huge down jacket with a hood, and it somehow caught fire.  I shouted for her to “stop, drop, and roll and put her out pretty quickly – a good initial reaction – but then I froze.  She had some small burns on her hands and face, and I knew she had to go to the ER.  I also knew it was very cold out and her coat was burned, and I couldn’t figure out what to do.  I finally got her into the car and I couldn’t decide whether or not to put her in her car seat, and then I couldn’t remember how to drive in traffic.  I was so frustrated with myself.

I know that if there were a real life emergency, while I may be terrified, I wouldn’t let lack of a coat keep me from taking her to the emergency room.  I’m sure I could figure out what to do, but I guess it feels as though there’s enough of a truth in it to keep me awake.

In college I had a different sort of recurring dream.

I often had the dream that I showed up to class completely and utterly drunk, only to discover that there was an exam I’d forgotten about and had to take at that moment.  I would try and struggle thought the test and couldn’t do it because I was so drunk.  A variation on this dream is that I would remember only at the end of the semester that I had a class I never once went to.  It was too late to drop the class, so I had to take the exam, or fail out of school.

I never once had either of those scenarios happen to me, or even close to happen to me, but I always woke up in a panic.

What gives?

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One Response to only in dreams

  1. Amy W says:

    maybe your dream about cate is a subconscious fear about not being able to handle having 3 kids. that with 2 kids you have 2 hands but once you have the 3rd you’re totally outnumbered.

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