still coming quickly

To confirm the last post, yes, this pregnancy is f-l-y-i-n-g!  (Remind me of that when I’m 38 weeks and miserable.)

I had an OB appointment today, and, apparently, I’m at the point where I go in every two weeks.  When the midwife told me, I was floored!  I also have to fill out pre-admission paperwork.  My goodness.  I’m beyond stunned.

Other than my shock, everything is looking completely normal and healthy.  I was scolded last time about not gaining enough weight, but I’d gained an appropriate amount this time, so she’s happy.  I’ve only gained 6 lbs this pregnancy so far.  I’d lost about 5 lbs in the very beginning, so in reality I’ve gained 11, but I’m only 6 lbs up from my “starting” weight.  (Not that I’m AT ALL pleased with the overall number, but at least I’m not packing it on right now.)

Cate and Meg are so excited to have another sister.  A friend watched them for me while I had my appointment, and when I came to pick them up, I told them that the baby was healthy.  Cate got really excited and asked, “She came out of your belly?!”  I had to disappoint her and remind her that the baby’s not coming until Christmastime.

Both Cate and Meg love talking to their sister.  They constantly introduce themselves (using their full names) to the baby, and telling her how much they love her, etc.  It’s way too cute watch Meg with her ear to my belly saying, “Hi baby tister.  I’m Magut Wuf Macmiwin.  I your big tister.  I wuv you so much!  You so fweet an so byoooful and so toot.”  (translation:  “Hi, baby sister!  I’m Margaret Ruth McMillian.  I’m your big sister.  I love you so much!  You’re so sweet and so beautiful and so cute.”)  Melts my heart every time without fail.

I about 11 weeks we’ll get to meet her.  Almost down to single digits.  Wow.  (And I’m sure that she’ll be so sweet and so beautiful so cute.)

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