getting ready for the third…heading home?

This Sunday I’ll officially be in my third trimester.  How is that possible?

I suppose a large part of the time passing quickly is that we’ve been so busy from the very beginning.  I feel like I’ve hardly had time to even think about being pregnant.  I’ve been caught up doing other things and then, wow, before I know it I’m 26 weeks into this thing.

There is so much left to do (but maybe that’s just me needing to worry about something.)  We haven’t even begun to get the baby’s room in order.  (But we’ll have to move to different house when she’s about 2 months old, so there really isn’t much we will do)  We have ordered more cloth diapers and picked up a few odds and ends, and I know realistically, if she were born tomorrow, we could hack it, but things aren’t like I wish they’d be.

With Christmas coming at the same time she’ll be born, I feel like I’ve no time to prepare.  I want to do all our usual Christmas things, plus a few extra since the girls are a little older this year, but I know that I won’t have much energy, and I’m really sad about that sometimes.  I’m doing what I can to prepare for Christmas early, but there’s still so much.  There is just so much.  There is just so much.  There is just so much.  How am I supposed to get it done when this pregnancy is passing in the blink of an eye?

I guess I just need to break it into manageable chunks (something I’ve always had trouble doing) and start working on it.  That and not let the phrase “3rd trimester” turn into code for “you have no time left, you slacker” in my head.

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One Response to getting ready for the third…heading home?

  1. Sara says:

    I know how you feel. Benji was born 3 days before Christmas, and I was so tired and out of it from being a new parent that I didn’t really get to enjoy Christmas. This year will be way better.

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