Yes, I hate the word too, but I used it anyway.

We had a 3 day weekend this weekend, and Chris decided to surprise me by taking an extra 2 days off, so we’ve been relaxing and spending lots of time together.  It’s been wonderful; I’m really sad today is the last day he has off.

We haven’t been doing much.  Mostly we’ve stuck to our day-to-day routine, with a few extra fun things thrown in.  Chris has gotten to sleep in every morning, and I’ve gotten to take a nap every afternoon.  We’ve read a bunch, had a movie night, made a trip to Toys R Us, grilled & barbecued lots of food, watched a ton of Mad Men to get caught up, let the girls play in the pool in the backyard, you know, regular, fun stuff.

I think Cate has particularly enjoyed having Chris home.  She gets so anxious about him leaving for work each day, and asks him to stay home with her.  She’s loved having her dad to pal around with while Meg and I nap.  She’s seemed happier and more relaxed than she has in a while.

Chris has to go to work tomorrow, but only 2 days and then there’s another weekend.

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