sometimes cartoons help

There was this episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that the girls had seen a few times; in it Minnie Mouse made MINNIEstrone soup for a sick Goofy.  I can’t tell you how helpful this became last night.

I was feeling in the mood for some soup, so last night I made minestrone soup.  (I followed the recipe except I added 2 stalks of celery and about 1/2 Tbsp of minced rosemary right at the end.)  Cate and Meg both are a bit hesitant to try anything that loaded with vegetables, so I figured they just wouldn’t eat very much, and that’s up to them.  They have two choices when it comes to supper:  eat it or not.  I got a bit proactive, and while Cate was helping me cook, I told her that we were using Minnie’s recipe for Minnie-strone soup, just like on the show.

It worked like a charm.  Both girls were willing to try it and discovered they liked it!  Cate was gobbling up pieces of zucchini, celery like there was no end.  I was astonished.  They’ve even been begging me to eat the leftovers for lunch.

Now I just need an episode about milk and we’ll be set.

I really can’t believe it worked.

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One Response to sometimes cartoons help

  1. Jenn says:

    That is so awesome! I can’t believe that worked too. Crazy. I’m sure there is some cartoon out there about milk…. right?

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