day at the park

With Chris off today, we decided to get out and do something as a family.  We were going to go to the aquarium again, but Cate has had some sort of mystery rash coming and going since yesterday, so we wanted to stay close to home in case it flared up again and she was too itchy to enjoy herself.  With the restriction of wanting to stay close to home we headed to a place about 3 minutes from base called Sunabe Baba Park.

The park was awesome!  We’ve had some friends tell us good things about it and we’ve been anxious to check it out.  I think it might become a more routine thing for us on the weekends, or even the weekdays if I feel up to dealing with the heat.  First off, the views of the ocean were BEAUTIFUL!

Ocean View, Sunabe Baba Park

Ocean View 2

The play structures were great; so many things to climb. Yes, it looks like a dolphin!

Dolphin Play Structure

The girls really had a lot of fun and did not want to go until there was the promise of lunch and (what mostly motivated them) ice cream.

Down the Slide Cate

Down the Slide Meg

Meg is hesitant to go over any kind of floor that isn’t solid.  Grates and things like this bridge are her sworn enemy.  Thankfully she has Daddy to help her over.

Dad's Helping Hand

Chris also got the chance to play.


They even managed to look at the camera long enough for both Chris and I to get some pictures with them. Excuse all the hair – the wind was really blowing!

Dad & Cate

Here is a series of pictures of Meg and me.  For those who realize what’s going to happen when they see the 2nd picture, I wish you’d been there with me.

Mom & Meg

Asking for a Kiss

Hit in the Nose

I asked her for a kiss, she grabbed my face, and instead of leaning in gently, she threw her head forward and I got smacked in the nose!  I’m just thankful I didn’t drop her because, man, it hurt. I’m soooo glad Chris kept taking pictures. (right)

After the park, we went to a local Hawaiian restaurant called Ono Kau Kau.  It’s decorated in floor to ceiling tourist Hawaiian print and leis.  The girls ate like champs – they must have been starving after the park because I haven’t seem them eat like that in quite a while.

After lunch we decided on one last treat for the girls, frozen yogurt.  They have this great place called Yogurtland near us.  Creative name, right?  You choose your flavor, then get to pick your own topping from all kids of fresh fruit, nuts, and even a few less healthy thing like sprinkles and Oreos.

After yogurt, we headed home.  Meg nearly crashed in the car on the way home, and she’s 2 1/2 hours into her nap right now.  What a nice way to relax and have fun at the same time.

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One Response to day at the park

  1. Amy W says:

    ouch! Collin likes to headbutt and it is painful! miss you guys!

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