I’ve had a headache since Friday.  Nothing I do seems to make it go away.  Yuck.

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4 Responses to headache

  1. Laura McMillian says:

    Sorry you have a headache. Hope you feel better soon. We wish you guys were here with us today. Our thoughts will be with you guys. BTW, love your pictures. We will be sending you some of today soon.

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  3. Sara says:

    Is it humid over there? Because it keeps threatening to rain in TX and not, and the pressure kills me. I think I’m keeping Excedrin going all on my own.

  4. ericamcmillian says:

    Are you kidding me?! It’s about 100% humidity every day; it’s killer. After living in Louisiana & Mississippi for so long, I’m used to it, at least as far as health is concerned. I’d probably crack and shatter if I went somewhere with humidity lower than 75%. I’ve got an appt with the OB today just to make sure there’s not something going on with the pregnancy that’s causing the headaches.

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