Cate’s first soccer game

Cate had her first soccer game today.  Chris is still out of town so, unfortunately, he missed it, but I took plenty of pictures.

I have to say that I think Cate is a bit too timid for soccer.  Maybe it’ll be a better fit for her as the kids get older and actually share the ball, but she’s hesitant to get up to the front of the pack and vie for her turn to kick the ball.  Even when she did get the opportunity a few times, she hesitated.  It’s gotten a lot better than the first week, though.

We made Cate’s first practice a family affair.  There is a lot of hands-on parental involvement at this age, so Chris dressed to run around while Meg and I found a spot in the shade to watch.  That day both girls decided eating breakfast was not a good idea, so they were starving by the time practice started.  I guess Cate was uncomfortable or self conscious or something because she cried the entire time.  So did Meg.  Cate cried because she said she didn’t want to participate and wanted to go home.  Meg cried because she wasn’t allowed to participate and wanted to be on the field.  Go figure.  I’m sure we looked like wonderful parents with two children in hysterics.

Chris was very patient with Cate and led her through the whole practice.  She didn’t refuse to do any of the activities, but she sobbed through everything.  Thank goodness for Chris.  I would have lost it with her and gone home and never come back.  I guess if she starts another activity and throws a fit, I’ve got a good idea that this is just how she behaves, and that she’ll get over it by the next time.

For the second practice, last weekend, Chris was out of town.  I left Meg with my neighbor so I could give 100% attention to Cate in case it didn’t go well.  Thankfully, after some practice in the backyard with Chris, Cate did much better.  She enjoyed herself and really tried hard to do what she was asked.

I was a bit nervous about today; I had to take both girls by myself.  I would have never guessed that they both would have done so well.  Meg sat patiently in her chair watching, eating raisins and drinking water. She only came and dropped my purse off to me in the middle of the field once. : )


Cate was happy to play and very excited to show me how she could kick the ball.  As I mentioned above, she was a bit timid, but she still enjoyed herself.  She loves that the jerseys are blue.  Imagine that.

Soccer Girl

Here’s a shot of Cate with her team.  She’s so fair she looks like a ghost compared to everyone else!  I’m so proud of my soccer girl, and can’t wait for next weekend so Chris can see her in action (sans tears.)

Team Circle

P.S.  I’m intentionally leaving out the part about the bullies shoving other kids and the kids’ parents who seemed far less concerned about it than all the others there.  That’s all I’ll say.

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2 Responses to Cate’s first soccer game

  1. Tyly says:

    Ugh. There are always those parents.

    I’m glad Cate has gotten more comfortable with it, and she looks adorable! I’m glad the girls were good for you!!

  2. Tyly says:

    PS – Chris sounds like a GREAT dad. I, like you, would never have the patience with the tears and would have taken her home and never gone back. YAY for awesome and patient daddies!

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