The girls have really been really funny about breakfast lately.  They ask for something, they BEG for a certain item, and then don’t eat a bite.  It doesn’t really bother me that they don’t eat so much, but it does bother me that they’re most definitely hungry, and so are grumpy until it’s snack time.  Even then, it’s not enough to make up for a missed breakfast, so they’re grumpy until lunch.  Meg’s never really been one to eat at breakfast too often, so this can be a big problem.  (Meg’s not big on carbohydrates for the most part, so our standard breakfasts of eggs and toast, oatmeal, or cereal aren’t that great for her.)

The last two days, though, have been different.  They’ve actually eaten.  They’ve been in better moods, and that’s great.

Cate asked for English muffins while grocery shopping, and I said yes even though they weren’t whole wheat.  I guess I must have been feeling generous that day.  She’s been eating them with a little bit of jelly on top, and eating every last crumb.

Cate's Breakfast

Meg has for some reason been requesting yogurt for breakfast.  My initial reaction was “no” because I didn’t think it would be that filling for her, but then I realize that a bowl of oatmeal she doesn’t eat a bite of is even less filling, so I let her have it.  She has eaten an entire container, and quickly.

Meg's Breakfast

So here’s to breakfasts kids will actually eat.

(Poor Meg’s nose. She fell on the carpet and gave herself a rug burn on her nose, which has since scabbed over. It looks like it feels awful.)

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One Response to breakfast

  1. Sara says:

    They’re so freaking cute. I cannot WAIT to see girl number 3. (o:

    So it’s not just my kid that won’t eat breakfast? He hasn’t been wanting ANY baby food for the past few days, but he’s never been too thrilled to eat in the morning. I try not to worry too much since he’s growing and gaining weight and all that, but it’s such a struggle to feed him. I think we may have a picky eater…

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