feeling a little nervous today

I have my follow-up appointment with the doctor today about the ultrasound.  Before they could give us any results a doctor had to review them, then go over them with us.  The only thing they could tell us last Monday was gender and due date (mine remained the same, which they have at December 26th.)

I’m a bit nervous because the ultrasound seemed to take a little too long.  It took about 45 minutes to an hour.  My other ultrasounds were done at different places, so maybe this is really common (more common than the 15-20 minutes it took in the past).  Perhaps the baby wasn’t in the best position for the pictures she needed to take.  Perhaps the tech hadn’t been doing the job as long as the other that have performed ultrasounds in the past.  I know there could be a million different reasons it took longer than I expected but I still feel nervous.  It doesn’t help that Chris is out of town.  It also doesn’t help that since the miscarriage in February, I’ve been on edge this entire pregnancy, even when everything is looking perfect.

Whatever happens, I’m just glad the appointment is today.  I’m certain everything will be just fine.  It’ll just be good to know that.

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2 Responses to feeling a little nervous today

  1. pennstatecutie says:

    Hang in there – I just posted pretty much the same post as you, except I haven’t had my u/s yet and I am freaking out 😦

  2. Sara says:

    Let me know how it goes. I’ve heard from several people that they had to go back two or three times to even find out the gender, so it can take awhile sometimes. And when I had the u/s to test for Downs, it pretty much took half a day. Benji was very stubborn and wouldn’t move.

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