collection of thoughts

  • Chris left yesterday for work.  He’ll be gone until late next weekend.  I wish I had better plans for my “alone time” in the evening.
  • The themed craft week I’d planned is kaput.  There is a severe lack of necessary craft supplies here.  We’ll still do what we can.
  • Perhaps Chris being gone is the reason for my nightmare about being attacked my two Tour de France style cyclists in full body black leotards last night?
  • I’m so glad to finally be able to prepare for this baby.  With the move, I made myself wait until we found out the gender to start doing anything.
  • In preparation, I ordered new cloth diapers (we didn’t start with Meg until 4 months, so we don’t have any newborn sized diapers).  I’m way more excited than I should be about the new cloth diapers.  That only goes to show I’m a big nerd.
  • Tonight I’m to go through all the girls’ outgrown clothes (if I still feel like it, that is) and keep what I can, and pass along what I can to my sister-in-law, Rachel.
  • Rachel is due soon.  We ought to have my first niece by this time next month.
  • When I have this baby there will be 4 kids in the extended family – all girls. : )
  • Cate just had her second weekend of soccer practice.  Her first game is next weekend, at which time I’ll post all about the ordeal soccer has been.
  • Right as we got to soccer practice yesterday, Chris’ plane was taking off from the base.  I told Cate that was his plane and she started waving enthusiastically, jumping up and down,  and shouting “hello” to him.  I’m sure he saw and heard us.
  • The girls were getting sick, but they seem to have been magically healed overnight.  Thank goodness.
  • I’m FINALLY getting around to getting curtains figured out for the house.  None of our old ones (which I just found in a box this week) fit, so I’ll have to order new or improvise.

I’m all out I think.

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4 Responses to collection of thoughts

  1. Teri says:

    What kind of cloth diapers do you use? We’re interested in using them, as well!

  2. ericamcmillian says:


    I’m sending you a detailed e-mail now.

  3. Hey Erica- Congrats on number two. My question: Out of curiousity, why do you do cloth. Are they easier, cheaper. I’ve never tried, but peaked by you doing it.

  4. ericamcmillian says:

    We started with Meg for a variety of reasons. It is cheaper, which was probably the main consideration, and it also started to bother me seeing all of those diapers being thrown away. With 2 in diapers at the time, it seemed like at least 50% of our trash was just diapers. Also, to sound like a total nerd here, it was kind of fun; I like having the cute covers. The laundering was no big deal at all.

    With this one, we have most of our diapering supplies already, so it’ll essentially be free for us to diaper her. Some things were worn out or lost, so I’ll need to buy things here or there, but another $150 plus what we had will diaper her for a year or more.

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