Cate’s busted lip

Cate decided to get a toy out of the closet a little while ago and ran into a bit of a snag.  It seems when we put the popper (or a vacuum as the girls call it) in the closet after they “cleaned the floors for us” last night, it dislodged the ironing board.

Cate opened the closet and the ironing board fell on top of her, hitting her face and busting her lip.

I heard a crash, crying, and immediately went to her, only to find blood everywhere.  (Why do lips bleed so much?)  After getting her cleaned up, I noticed her upper lip starting to swell.

Cate is quite upset about it.  She’s been sitting on the couch holding a paper towel to her lip (even though it’s no longer bleeding) ever since.  Just look at the face she’s been giving me.

Cate's Busted Lip

I hope it heals soon.

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4 Responses to Cate’s busted lip

  1. Mom says:

    I wish I were there to kiss it better-with that sad face I would give her anything to make her smile.

  2. Dawn Hudson says:

    She looks so pitiful. Hopefully the swelling goes down soon. Maybe we can get together soon.

  3. Teri Scholl says:

    Poor Cate – I hope the swelling goes down soon

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