future foodie

I’ve written about it before, but Cate LOVES helping in the kitchen.  If I’m in there, she wants to be in there too.  Sometimes I just want my space, but most of the time, I let her help.  (Meg too, but she’s still a bit young.)  I think there are many areas in which I’m lacking as a mother, but I think I’m really good at letting them get involved in the kitchen.

I’m glad that she enjoys helping me so much.  It’ll be great to have someone hang out in the kitchen with me as I get older, same as I did with my mom.  I hope she picks up my desire to cook well.  I hope she doesn’t become a person who throws a can of cream of mushroom soup on top of some pre-made packaged grilled chicken strips, then adds a packet of heat-n-serve rice and calls it a meal.  I hope I’m teaching her well.  I don’t always make things that are healthy, but I make them from scratch with good ingredients, and I tend to think that matters more.

Yesterday I started making coffee ice cream while Meg took her nap (I guess I’m on an ice cream kick.  Couldn’t have anything to do with the pregnancy, could it?) and, of course, Cate asked to help.  She loves to stir, and stir, and stir.  I think she could sit for hours and do it.  I love how she has her legs crossed in this photo.

Future Foodie

I think the ice cream is going to be good.  It’s not frozen yet, but I tasted the custard, and it tastes like a frappucino.  If it does turn out well, I’ll put a post up tomorrow.  Meanwhile, here’s a picture of the first step.  The coffee beans, some sugar, a bit of salt, milk, and some of the half & half are heated then the mixture steeps for a time.  The house smelled wonderfully of coffee (until I got sick of having the smell in the house, then it was overwhelming.)

Coffee Bean Infusion

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One Response to future foodie

  1. Teri says:

    This looks delicious! I am def. interested in how it turns out b/c DH has been BEGGING me to make coffee ice cream!

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