I miss NPR. I used to turn it on the kitchen while I would prepare for the day, then again while I made supper. Now, there’s no NPR. Sure, I could catch a live feed, but who knows what show I’d actually catch. No Morning Edition in the morning, no All Things Considered in the afternoon. Even Cate asks me to turn on the radio in the morning. We all miss you, NPR.

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4 Responses to npr-less

  1. Aunt Karen says:

    I feel for you, hon. I would miss my NPR as well. Gage has gotten very used to listening to it in the car. The stories are wonderful. Can you get Public Radio International – PRI? I used to listen to them a lot at night. They had some great stories as well.

  2. ericamcmillian says:

    No, no PRI either. No public radio of any sort. I download some on iTunes, but it’s not the same.

  3. Shannon Howard says:

    I’m with you Erica. I have been longing for some Splendid Table, or just Fresh Air! I really just miss news and commentary. Going to have to find some other outlets here in NOrway!

  4. ericamcmillian says:


    If you go to, it’s the Baton Rouge NPR station. They have a free live stream of the station going 24 hours. I don’t know what the time difference will be for you, but you might be able to catch some of your favorite shows.

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