Churaumi Aquarium

My birthday was on Monday, and Chris was off of work, so we decided to make a day of it and head to the Churaumi Aquarium.  We’d been hearing a lot of good things about it, so I was excited to go.  I must say that it lived up our expectations, and we had a great time.

The girls loved looking at the fish, and I think that they might have been as much of an attraction to some of the other visitors there.  Every time I set the girls down to take a photo there were 10 other cameras also taking a picture of them.  What’s more is that several people asked if they could take a picture with the girls.  We didn’t really mind so much, but that didn’t mean that the girls wanted to cooperate each time.  Meg really wanted nothing to do with it, but I think Cate liked it for the most part.  I think she was just over it here.
Posing 1

But she liked taking this one a lot more, and Meg even got in on the action.

Posing 2

The main tank is enormous.  I think it’s supposed to be the 2nd largest tank in the world; I believe it.  They have three whale sharks, huge rays, and plenty of other creatures.
Main Tank

We ate lunch at a cafe there along the side of the tank.  We got to sit right up against the glass.  It was really beautiful, and I loved watching the reactions of the girls as the fish would swim by.
Lunch View

After we explored the inside, we went outside to catch a dolphin show.  Below is a shot of the two of them waiting for it to start.  Meg really enjoyed it, but I think Cate was a little too tired and hot; she just wanted to sit down in the shade.  I don’t blame her.
Dolphin Pool Sisters

As we were leaving, we decided to get some drinks from the vending machine for the road.  The girls were thrilled to find canned lemonade in the machine.  Cate insisted that we get one for both she and Meg.  We caved, and they thoroughly enjoyed it, as you can see.
Canned Lemonade
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One Response to Churaumi Aquarium

  1. * Tyly * says:

    The girls get more and more beautiful every time you post new pictures! I love that they were part of the attraction for people! 🙂

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