scenes from Okinawa

I wanted to share a couple more pictures of our new home. It really is so beautiful here. First, here’s the view from our bedroom window. You can see the East China Sea.

View From Our Bedroom Window

It feels like we’re always going to have some body of water or another visible from our house. (I know that’s likely not the case, though.)

Next, here’s the view from what will be the baby’s room. It’s directly across from our bedroom on the front side of the house.


View from 3rd Bedroom

It overlooks the rest of the base with the hills in the background. All of this is, of course, so much more dramatic in real life.

Now for a few crappy through-the-car-window shots.

There are a lot of hills here that seem to be made of rock, but are covered with some of the most dense foliage I’ve ever seen. We are used to seeing green, but not this much. Hills are quite a big change for us, and it’s been fun to see new and very different looking landscape. Here’s a shot of one of the hills in the distance as we were driving off base one day.

Road View

For those who did not know, they drive on the left side of the road here. The cars are built with the driver’s seat on what would be the passenger side in the US.

Here is a shot of one of those rock hills/cliffs up close. This is on base very near where we live.

Foliage Covered Rock

See? Dense.

Oh, and just for kicks, here is a shot of our cars here. If you look closely, you can see the driver’s seat on the opposite side.

Our Japanese Cars

The good thing here is that when things start to seem too different, we’re always able to find a taste of home somewhere. Like Starbucks.


Or perhaps a Harley would make you feel more at home.

Japanese Harley Riders

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3 Responses to scenes from Okinawa

  1. Amy says:

    i was wondering about cars and what you were driving now. is it weird driving on the wrong side of the road?

  2. Jamie says:

    It's great to see pics and an update! Seems like you're enjoying Japan! That beach looked gorgeous.

  3. Dawn Hudson says:

    Did they give you a three bedroom or a four? We have been told they are only going to give us a three but am really hoping to get a four when we get there. We shall see. What else does the house look like? Oh, and we are flying through United not the AMC flight. So I guess that is good since we don't have to be there at 3 in the morning.

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