sometimes I think they’re more aware than me

I often chide Cate and Meg to pay attention to what they’re doing. They’re apt to run right in front of someone on crutches, or spill a drink they’re holding while trying to do something else. I get so frustrated with them.

Today was a good reminder that sometimes I need to take my own advice.

I picked up Chris to grab lunch and he suggested we go to Chili’s (yes, they have Chili’s on base.) Now, I’m getting pretty familiar with the base, but it’s not automatic yet. I don’t always recognize where I am. So, I was driving, certain that I needed to make the next turn. We’re stopped at the light when Meg started jabbering in the back seat. I was talking to Chris, so I did my oh-so-neglectful mother response of “Uh huh. I hear you, Meg. Yes ma’am.” Only as the light changed to green again did I realize what she was desperately trying to get across to me.

She was saying, “Chili’s on Meg’s side, Mama!” at ever increasing intensity. (By the way, I think that’s darn good sentence structure for a just turned 2-year-old.)

I had missed my turn. Chili’s was, in fact, on Meg’s side and she was trying to alert me to it. Perhaps if I’d listened her, or paid attention to my surroundings, I wouldn’t have missed my turn.

Both Chris and I got a good laugh at least. I felt like such a fool to be corrected by a backseat driver still in diapers.

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