freedom and the great day

It is actually possible that today might be one of the best days of my life.  At least one of the most enjoyable.

Yesterday Cate and Meg went to spend a week with my parents, which leaves Chris and I completely childless for the first time in nearly 4 years.  ‘(Yes, we hire a babysitter occasionally, but we still have to be awake at 6 am with them.  This time, nope.  We can both sleep in.)  Even better is that I have very few responsibilities with the girls gone.  I can get up when I want, shower when I get around to it, and spend all the time in the world getting ready.  Talk about a feeling of luxury!  While I miss them terribly already it is really nice to have a taste of freedom again, and I’m determined to enjoy the time while I have it.
This morning after sleeping in (only til 8:30 folks, so don’t think I’m too spoiled) I drank coffee and watched TV, then got ready in time to pick up Chris for lunch.  Lunch was a bust because the line was too long (so we ended up with McDonald’s), but I still got to spend an hour with him alone just talking.
I dropped Chris off at work and then went to the mall to buy myself a new pair of running shoes.  I decided to stop by Dillard’s to see if I could buy a plate to replace my Fiestaware plum plate Cate broke; unfortunately they don’t sell it individually there so I’ll have to order one online.
But wait – here comes the good part.  See all the Fiestaware below?
Fiesta Deal of the Century

Typically this would retail for $101 dollars.  Just so happens they’re discontinuing the color, so I got a deal.  The best deal ever – I’m not joking.  I bought it all for $9.95.  $9.95! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this.  Sure, Evergreen may not be my favorite of all the colors, but it’s nice to have a mix.  And for $1.99 a piece, how could I pass it up?  (The salt and pepper shakers are a set so they’re considered one piece.)  That pitcher alone is normally $28.

It really just blows my mind.
Next, I went to buy my shoes.  I expected to pay $100-$150 for a decent pair of shoes.  Nope.  $59.99.  Awesome.  They’re just what I wanted, too.
So there’s plenty of time left for today.  Since lunch didn’t work as planned, we’re going to grab dinner instead.  And then go to a movie.  And if it ends at midnight, who cares?  We get to sleep late.
So keep on coming, today.  I’m loving you so far.  I can’t wait to see what you bring a bit later.
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3 Responses to freedom and the great day

  1. Jamie says:

    That’s awesome. I envy you. I could use a break from my crew, and we really need some couple alone time as things have been a big rocky lately. Enjoy your time!!!

  2. The Santa Ana's says:

    Super excited that you have a day to yourself. Enjoy!

  3. The Santa Ana's says:

    Super excited that you have a day to yourself. Enjoy!

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