on the house

Last night I didn’t feel like cooking (and we really didn’t have much to pull together a meal I wanted to eat), so I called Chris and told him I was picking him up and we were going out.  Neither of us really knew what we wanted, so we did the easy thing and went to a Chili’s not too far from the house.

We ordered and were waiting for her food when Meg dumped her milk on the floor.  We told an employee, and a few minutes later our waitress came with a check in her hand (turns out it wasn’t ours but I thought it was) and said, “Actually, your meal is going to be sort of on the house tonight.”  I was shocked – I thought she was kicking us out for spilling the milk!  Then she continued, “Another diner in the restaurant, who wishes to remain anonymous, has already paid for your meal.”
I was completely floored!  Neither one of us could figure out why the other person paid for us.  Sure, Chris was still in uniform, but that’s hardly a rarity being so close to the base.  We have no idea who did it, but I wish I could thank him/her.  It was awfully nice.
I just wish I knew why, but I guess I’ll just stop thinking about it and count my blessings.
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3 Responses to on the house

  1. Jenn says:

    Aw I have chills and I’m so glad you shared this story. What a blessing it is!

  2. High Heels & Combat Boots says:

    That’s so funny b/c the other day at the mall, I stopped at Auntie Anne’s and ordered a pretzel. The girl told me that the last customer left a 5 and told her to pay for the next customer’s snack. All I had to do was return the favor somehow. So a few days later, I paid for the guy behind me in the drive thru at Burger King. Hopefully he has passed it on!!

  3. Teri says:

    Wow! I LOVE hearing stories like this, Erica! It’s reaffirmation that there are still good people out there in this world…anytime something like that happens to me, I try to see it as an opportunity to pay it forward…somehow, we’ll keep this world a good place 🙂

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